We are Iceland is a private day tour provider based in Reykjavik, Iceland. Company is established October 2022. 
We specialize in providing our guests with exceptional service, we aim to always match the expectations, and making sure that our guests have not only phone full of pictures but also heart full of joy.
Our tours are fully customizable. You can contact us via email, and ask for the tour to be modified according to your wishes, we will do eveything possible to match your wish.
We are Iceland is a small company therefore from the day of the first message to the day of planned tour you will always be in contact with the same person.
We are Iceland working with small group of driver-guides who we fully trust, all our guides have one thing in common: They all want to provide best service and keep our guests happy!
We are Iceland is a fully licensed tour operator approved by the relevant local authorities.
All our guides have an expansive first aid training. All are licensed commercial drivers with diverse and extensive knowledge of Icelandic nature, culture and history.
Think of luxury, comfort and convenience. Think of a vehicle that might offer all those things combined. Think of Mercedes Benz V class. We think it got it all...and we got the  Mercedes! 
For all our day tours we use Mercedes Benz V class. 
We are Iceland works in full transparency, there will be no extra charges once you choose the tour. 
Our terms and conditions are written in a simple language, very easy to read and understand.